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Meet Rod

The Brazilian Touch
Santos, São Paulo, Brazil

Originally from Santos, Brazil, Rod came to the US (legally) in 2015. He tells of many stories in Brazil about how much pride Brazilians hold in their cars and how much they take care of them. It is a ritual that takes place each weekend as habit as well as obsessive in its process. The prized result never disappoints.

Since arriving in the US, Rod has fallen in love with American cars and has since purchased his own CR-V which he ritually bathes and pampers each weekend as habit. Now Rod wishes to share this passion with others to make the world a little bit brighter as it drives by. Both by the shine of the exterior, the absence of stain nor spot within the supple interior, and in the face of the owner beaming with joy and pride.

Our Mission
Rod’s mission is to consistently and emphatically provide friendly, professional, and specialized service and workmanship to his clients.
He is committed to going well beyond simply pleasing the customer. He wants to provide a level of service that you would be proud to tell your friends and family about.

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